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Project Summary

Silicon Valley Surgery Center entrusted us with the comprehensive electrical infrastructure for their facility, encompassing power, lighting, controls, fire alarm, and emergency generator systems. One of the project’s notable challenges was the strategic placement of conduit runs within the confined space of the electric room. With various systems converging on this central hub, meticulous planning was imperative to ensure seamless integration. Negotiating the constraints of switchgear clearances and adhering to rigorous code specifications regarding conduit bends, we successfully navigated this intricate task, achieving optimal functionality within spatial limitations.

Additionally, the integration of electrical components within patient head walls presented another intricate challenge. Collaborating closely with multiple trades involved in head wall installations, we meticulously coordinated the incorporation of electrical devices to seamlessly complement the overall design. Through meticulous planning and effective coordination, we delivered a fully operational electrical infrastructure, meeting the exact standards of Silicon Valley Surgery Center and facilitating a smooth project turnover.